It can be difficult to know what type of healthcare professional to see when looking for a new provider. There are several options to choose from and it can be confusing to know the differences between specialties or titles. Let’s take a look specifically at the terms "primary care” versus “family practice.” 

What is Primary Care?

Primary care incorporates an individual's overall health and wellness and focuses on preventive care. This includes yearly physicals, discussing vaccinations, healthprimary care and family medicine doctor in Caldwell, Idaho screenings, and incorporating healthy lifestyle habits that can lower your chances of developing diseases and keep you healthy for the long run.

Primary care also oversees the basic medical needs of the patient by providing management of common chronic diseases (such as high blood pressure or diabetes) and simple illnesses (such as a sinus infection or urinary tract infection). 

There are several specialties that fall under the umbrella of primary care, working together to provide the needed medical care for the general population. Each of these specialties aims to provide primary care to a specific group of people. These specialties include:

  • Family Practice - primary care for the individual or family, all ages
  • Pediatrics - primary care for children
  • Internal Medicine - primary care for adults
  • Geriatrics - primary care for the elderly

What is Family Practice?

Family practice, or family medicine, is a medical specialty focused on providing healthcare to all ages, or the entire family. A family practice provider has been trained to provide comprehensive primary care to each and every member of the family - from newborns to seniors. The convenience of obtaining medical care for multiple people (parents and children, multiple siblings, or grandparents as well) can be a big benefit for busy schedules.

Many patients also appreciate the attention given to their unique needs when followed by a family practice provider. Regular visits allow the provider to gain a more in-depth understanding of you and your family’s specific medical history and concerns. While still encouraging preventive health care and healthy lifestyle options, your family practice provider can tailor these recommendations to you. 

You do not need to have children or even a spouse or partner to establish care with a family practice provider. These providers can offer medical care to each individual, regardless of age, gender, or family status. Family practice providers also manage both acute and chronic illnesses and help coordinate care with specialists if needed for the best care possible. Having a family practice provider offering primary care allows for continuity of care - ensuring that all of your health care concerns are addressed and managed while returning to a central, or “primary,” location to organize these health care needs.

Core Medicine of Idaho Provides Family Medicine for all of Caldwell, Idaho

Here at Core Medicine of Idaho, our Caldwell family practice providers are happy to offer primary care to any individual or to all members of your family. Primary care is an important part of maintaining overall health and wellness. We would love to partner with you in addressing any health concerns and keeping you and your family healthy! Our goal is to provide a long-term and trusting environment to offer a safe place to discuss your health care and goals. Give our office a call today to schedule an appointment.