Family Practice Appointment Calendar | Caldwell ID Family MedicineIf it’s been a while since you’ve seen a family doctor or general practitioner, you’re not alone. More than 60 percent of people surveyed admit to putting off medical appointments—and 20 percent don’t even have a primary care provider (PCP). Though recommendations for how often you should see your general practitioner vary based on your age and health, multiple studies show that people who regularly visit their PCPs tend to live longer, healthier lives than those who don’t.

At Core Medicine of Idaho in Caldwell, our Family Medicine practice offers high-quality, evidence-based primary care for the entire family. We partner with patients to help them improve or maintain their health, and work to develop positive, trusted patient-provider relationships, so you can feel comfortable and confident in our care.

Here’s what you should know about our services, when and how often to see us, and the benefits of regular visits and building a long-term relationship with your PCP.

Regular Visits With Your Primary Care Doctor Can Help Keep Your Health on Track

PCPs provide comprehensive medical care and preventive services to patients of all ages. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends annual checkups for kids ages 5 and up, and even more frequent visits for younger children.

Healthy Adults

As an adult, how often you should see your PCP depends on your age and whether you’re in good health. People who are 30 or younger can generally check in with their primary care provider every two to three years if they aren’t experiencing any issues and don’t have any major health risks. We suggest annual physicals and health screenings for patients between the ages of 30 and 40. After age 50, yearly physicals are essential, even if you’re in seemingly excellent health.

Adults With Chronic Illnesses or a Family History of Serious Health Risks

However, if you’re struggling to maintain a healthy weight or have diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or a family history of these or other serious illnesses, you should see us at least once a year—and more frequently as your health demands. Annual appointments with a primary provider are particularly vital for patients who take medications for chronic illnesses. Our PCPs provide the exceptional medical care and guidance you need to manage chronic conditions and stay on top of your health.

We’re Here for You in Sickness and in Health

Primary care providers’ role in patients’ health care journeys is broader than many people realize. While you might know that we’re here for you when you’re sick, you may not know that we can also serve as your first point of contact and help you navigate the complex health care system whenever you have a medical question or concern.

Consider scheduling an appointment with Core Medicine of Idaho’s caring and capable PCPs if you:

  • Aren't feeling well
  • Are due for immunizations or your annual checkup
  • Need a medication refill or new prescription
  • Have questions about managing diabetes, high blood pressure, or other chronic medical conditions
  • Need contraception or reproductive health care
  • Had a family member diagnosed with a serious illness (we can discuss your risks and when or if screenings might be beneficial)
  • Need a referral for a specialist
  • Have experienced concerning changes related to sleep, exercise, or other personal habits
  • Are suffering from anxiety or depression or have other mental health concerns

We’re here when your family needs us—in sickness and in health!

Schedule an Appointment

Looking for exceptional primary care in Idaho’s Treasure Valley? Look no further. At Core Medicine of Idaho in Caldwell, we understand how important your family’s health and well-being are to you. Our experienced Family Medicine PCPs care about your family’s health, too, and are committed to providing complete care for you and your loved ones.

Complete the contact form or call 208-508-0345 to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician. We also provide Urgent Care services for emergent medical issues.