Many patients would rather suffer through minor medical ailments at home than spend hours waiting to be seen in the emergency room. Unfortunately, a condition that isn’t life-threatening can still make you miserable, forcing you to live with considerable discomfort until the next available appointment with your doctor.

If you’re sick or hurt and require urgent care, Core Medicine of Idaho offers a quicker and more affordable option to the ER. In our walk-in clinic, you’ll find medical providers and services similar to your local hospital—without the delays and frustration caused by hospital administrative systems. Our urgent care clinic has onsite lab testing, a pharmacy, and close access to high-tech ultrasounds and X-ray diagnostics, allowing patients cost-effective convenience without sacrificing the quality of your care. If you're looking for urgent care in Caldwell- you've come to the right place. 

Fast, Quality Urgent Care in Caldwell

At Core Medicine of Idaho, you can get the urgent medical help you need without a referral or a long wait in an emergency room. We accept many forms of health insurance and offer cash pay options for our patient’s convenience. Walk into our clinic during regular hours or call 208-508-0345 to schedule your appointment.

Our urgent care services are ideal for patients experiencing any of the following:

  • Sudden pain or injury. Our clinic can handle various medical problems that need more than first aid, such as broken bones, sprains, strains, sports injuries, cuts, or lacerations that need sutures or staples. If you have unexplained pain, we evaluate your symptoms carefully to determine if you need emergency treatment or if we can resolve your condition in-house.Urgent Care clinic in caldwell | Caldwell Urgent Care Doctors
  • Child injuries. When your child needs urgent medical care, you want them to be seen and treated quickly. Our pediatric urgent care offers an alternative to a long and frightening trip to the ER for children suffering from earaches, sore throats, cuts, sprains, minor fractures, and other common childhood ailments.
  • Viral infections. When you can’t get to your doctor to treat a viral infection, our well-trained medical staff can provide timely intervention for common illnesses and symptoms such as flu, chest colds, breathing problems, fevers, and more. We offer rapid testing for strep infections, COVID-19, and influenza, allowing you to return home with the proper treatment to get you feeling better.
  • Stomach problems. Stomach pains and illnesses can come out of nowhere, causing symptoms from nausea and cramping to excessive vomiting or diarrhea. We can provide fast and effective relief for food poisoning, heartburn, stomach viruses, and bacterial infections, including anti-emetics and IV rehydration.
  • Sexual symptoms. Our clinic can help find the cause of intimate discomfort through onsite urinalysis, STD testing, and bacterial cultures. We also have an onsite pharmacy, allowing us to diagnose your condition and begin your course of treatment all in one visit.
  • Skin conditions. Many minimally-invasive procedures can be done in our urgent care offices, such as draining abscesses, lipoma removal, burn treatments, biopsies, and adding or removing stitches on wounds. Minor procedures often take only a few minutes in our urgent care clinic, result in minimal recovery time, and carry a lower risk of infection than hospital surgeries.

Contact Our Caldwell Urgent Care Clinic Today

If you want competent, caring providers without the long wait times and constraints of a hospital ER, Core Medicine of Idaho, urgent care in Caldwell is here to help. Walk in today for same-day care or call 208-508-0345 to learn more about our treatment options.