When your child is sick or sustains an injury, every parent's top priority is ensuring their well-being and getting them the best care as quickly as possible. Core Medicine of Idaho, a pediatric urgent care in Caldwell, Idaho, stands out as a beacon of hope for parents and caregivers, offering specialized pediatric urgent care services.  Core Medicine of Idaho is the go-to destination for children's health emergencies and immediate care needs in Caldwell, Idaho.

Urgent Care of Core Medicine of Idaho

Core Medicine of Idaho is a reputable urgent care clinic located in the heart of Caldwell, dedicated to providing high-quality medical care for children of all ages. What sets this clinic apart is its specialization in pediatric urgent care, making it a haven for parents seeking immediate attention for their little ones.

When to Visit a Caldwell Pediatric Urgent Care

Our pediatric urgent care clinic in Caldwell can diagnose and treat many illnesses and injuries in children. If you're child is not breathing, is not responding, or if you feel like you need emergency care- call 911. At our emergency care clinic, our providers are a convenient, safe, and affordable option for walk-in care in Caldwell. They can provide family care for many common childhood urgent care needs. 

Our walk-in clinic can diagnose and treat common childhood illnesses and infections, such as:

  • respiratory infections
  • strep throat
  • flu
  • scarlett fever
  • pink eye
  • ear infections
  • viral infections
  • bacterial infections
  • rashes
  • bump bites
  • fevers
  • coughs

Childhood injuries treated at our walk-in clinic:

  • cuts/lacerations
  • broken bones
  • fractures
  • bumps
  • sports injuries