Yes, our urgent care clinic in Caldwell, ID has on site X-Rays to diagnose injuries. Do you think you have a fracture or broken bone? We can help! Walk in for same-day care or call for questions at 208-508-0345.

How Are X-Rays Used in Urgent Care?

X-rays are widely used in medicine for diagnostic imaging to visualize the internal structures of the body. They are commonly employed to detect and diagnose a variety of conditions, including bone fractures, joint dislocations, infections, and tumors.

X-Rays to Diagnose Broken Bones

X-rays are utilized for diagnosing broken bones by directing controlled beams of electromagnetic radiation through the body. When X-rays encounter different densities of tissues, bones absorb more radiation, appearing as white on the resulting image. This allows healthcare professionals to visualize the skeletal structure and identify fractures or abnormalities. The X-ray images provide crucial information for diagnosing the type and extent of a bone injury, aiding in the development of an appropriate treatment plan.